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The Eros Association

Vibrant Vibes Australia is proud to be a member of The Eros Association.
With 25 years experience in providing services and advocacy to adults-only businesses, the Eros Association is Australia’s longest serving adult industry association. Eros is an incorporated, not-for-profit membership-based organisation.

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PM Leather

For years, PM Leather has been providing you with the world's best, hand-crafted hobble belts. Our wares are made with the toughest materials we can get our hands on to bring you superior craftsmanship, quality and style. Over 20 years of refinement has gone into our product range, and we're incredibly proud to be able to bring the world old-fashioned, built-to-last quality with a kinky twist. 

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Our Kink

Our Kink's mission is to support and include all members of Melbourne’s kink community, whether they have been in the scene for what seems like forever, or are taking their first tentative steps. By providing a unique online communication hub for businesses to promote their goods and services, and for players to check-in on local events, Our Kink aims to be the first port of call for anyone interested in the Melbourne Kink Community. And this is the team to deliver…

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Taboo Radio

Taboo is about our experiences in kink, fetish and BDSM, so drop by, listen in and share your thoughts with us on our call in numbers or via social media. Every Wednesday night from 9pm to 11pm on RAT FM Rock Arts Talk from Melbourne.

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A Teen Girls Guide to Getting Off

  • Sex
  • Pleasure
  • Consent
  • Sexuality
  • Desire
  • Relationships

What teenage girl doesn’t think about these things?

With information rife on the internet how do you know who to trust?

Well, here’s your big sister Eva to help guide you through one of the most confusing times you’ll ever experience!

Eva’s is known in the blogger-sphere as somewhat of a sexpert. She knows what should be part of a healthy sex education but those topics are often completely ignored in the conversations at school.

And what about at home? Are you able to talk with your folks about things like… periods, masturbation and orgasms? Or the right reasons to say yes and how best to say no?

If you answered no, then you’ve found the right book for you!

A Teen Girl’s Guide To Getting Off is the best toolkit for real sex education discussing the issues facing the modern teen girl in an open, honest, frank and often funny way.

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