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Reviews by Sexpert Eva Sless

Eva Sless is an award-winning Australian writer with a passion for sex education and sex positivity.

Starting her writing career with a personal column about life as a sex worker in the Australian adult magazine “People”, she was quickly recognised as a voice that was inclusive and educating without being patronising. Her talents have been picked up by The Australian Sex Party, Australian Penthouse, Adult Matchmaker, and the online young feminist magazine 'Birdee'.

From sex toy reviews to discussions of feminism and BDSM, Eva focuses on the pleasure and consent side of sex education, as well as being a strong advocate for LGBTI youth, the Safe Schools Program and anything that allows kids to be free to express themselves and their identities, be it sexual or gender based.

She lives a very healthy, happy and settled non-monogamous life in the sunshine by the water with her husband, daughter and psycho cat. She enjoys long binge sessions with Netflix, eating Tim Tams and getting into feminist and political arguments with many types of people on Facebook and Twitter!

Eva is also the author of A Teen Girl’s Guide to Getting Off.
A sex education book for tenage girls.

TEENAGE girls, whether they’re spruiking bondage couture in Vogue or bonking men twenty years their senior in Woody Allen movies, are surely the most over-sexualised creatures on the planet. 

So do we really need to be teaching them “sex positive” messages about taking charge of their sexuality? Surely they’re not missing the memo to get out there and put out?

“Girls get such mixed messages about sex, they can’t win,” says Catherine Manning the CEO of SEED Workshops, an organisation that delivers training to high school students on sex, gender and respectful relationships. “On one hand they’re told they should look hot and available 24/7, but on the other if they even dare to look like they might be interested in sex, they’re shamed and called sluts.”

It’s these mixed messages that lead author and ‘sexpert’ Eva Sless to write A Teen Girl’s Guide to Getting Off.

All of the following reviews are written by Eva.
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G-Vibe 2 A Toy for Women, Men and Couples

If you read a lot of my reviews you'll already know that I am an aesthetic kinda chick when it comes to sex toys. Shape, colours and packaging are really quite important to me, as well as (of course) the functionality of the toy itself. I mean, you can have a fabulous looking toy made out of the softest, silkiest silicone resting in the most luxurious looking box, but if it fails to hit the spot, then none of that outside stuff matters. Similarly I have come across toys that are ugly and weird-looking with packaging that looks like it was dug up from some time-warped 1970s porno but, when put to the test, have rocked my socks. I just don't particularly like looking at them when they're down there doing their thing, and they certainly aren't the sort of toy I'd bring out in company.But chuck all of that pretty, buzzy goodness into one toy, and you have yourself a complete fan.

Enter the G-Vibe 2.
This is a toy I have been wanting to try since I saw the first version a couple of years ago. It's unique shape was the first thing to catch my eye and then, after I had a small hand play with it to test the feel of the material and go through all of the functions, I was determined to get one and see if it was all it seemed to be when resting in my hands.
Let me say, it pretty much is. There are a few little things I found didn't quite hit the mark, but really, almost all those things probably come down to my body and my needs and, because everyone is different, they might not be the same for you.
Probably one of the best, and most unique aspects of this toy is it can be used as a solo toy for both women or men and can also be incorporated into couples play too! It's pretty damn versatile really. It absolutely impressed me.

Let's start with the specs.
Made of medical grade, silky smooth silicone, it really does feel beautiful in your hands and against your skin. It is 100% waterproof and is rechargeable so you don't need to worry about batteries. The charger is magnetic and can be a bit temperamental, so just make sure it's in a place it won't accidentally get moved or something.
It takes about an hour or two to fully charge up and then lasts for around four hours of continual play.

It has three powerful but quiet motors, one in each arm near the tips and one in the main shaft, and has six different vibration pulses as well as eight (yes eight!) different speeds.
The two “V”shaped ends are flexible and can be pushed together or spread out, although you do need to hold them in position or they return to their original shape.
It comes nestled in a pretty box and has a silky bag to store it in if you don't want to keep it in the box.

The handle is easy to hold and the buttons are simple to work out (one goes up in speed, one goes down and the other changes the pulse settings) and they're super easy to press.
One of the cool things that comes in the box is a set of illustrations showing you all the different ways you can use the toy and, for the most part, they are pretty good. Although there are a couple that are a bit silly and make no sense or really don't do what they claim.

Like a Rabbit



Using both arms to stimulate both the inside of your vagina and the clitoris and vulva you can simulate the sensations you get from a rabbit vibe. Because the arms are quite flexible you can push them against you to a few different angles to get the best feelings. Several of the vibration settings alternate several buzzes and pulses at the same time and also swap them between arms creating interesting, almost unpredictable sensations. You can use it to stimulate both vaginally and anally at the same time and, because the arms stretch out if you push down, you can get it to reach both the clitoris and anus at the same time too.

That Full-Up Feeling



Something I hear from a lot of women is that, although they often enjoy the feeling of being full, the pressure and strain that a thick vibrator can put on the opening and the walls of their vagina can be uncomfortable or even sometimes painful. The great thing about the G-Vibe 2 is that you can have your full-up cake and eat it too without the fear of that pressure. Squeezing the two arms together you insert the toy and, as it enters it begins to fall open to its natural state, the arms push gently against the walls without putting any undue pressure on you.

For Him



It's very rare for a toy to be so versatile it can be used in a variety of ways for both sexes. Sure with other toys you can improvise with buzzes on bits and that's awesome, but the G-Vibe 2 has some great features that make it really awesome and easy for men to use.
Sliding the cock between the two “Vs” gives a great tingling all-over buzz to the penis and you can hold it there for all sorts of couples activities too (see below).
Pushing the “V”open and resting them between the balls and the perineum also feels (according to the husbandman) “really fucking cool.” and, if he is so inclined, you can use it anally to stimulate his G-spot.

Couples Play



Using toys together as a couple is a great way to enhance your sex life. Having that extra stimulation and the means to play and experiment with sensation is a really awesome way to open up and explore your and your partner's sexuality and sexual needs. With the G-Vibe 2 you can incorporate the toy into oral sex, Spanish style (that's tit-fucking in non-crass speak), even intercourse to really jazz up the moment.

I will say, the picture of the oral sex and resting the toy on your chin is a little bit weird and I'm not too much into my whole jaw tingling like that. It made my ears tickle and I felt like I needed to sneeze... But if you slide the penis into the “V” and hold it there instead it stops your face from jiggling and still creates the awesome sensations for him.

It Just Doesn't... Work that way



As well as the resting the toy on your jaw pic, there are a couple of others that just don't seem to work for me... Or really for anyone. The most obvious of these is the nipple one. I'm sorry, but I've been selling this toy in retail shops for a couple of years now (the first version and this one) and I have never ever EVER come across someone who has boobs that close together. The scale of the toy they've used in this pic is way off and even when I squeeze my boobs together as close as they can get, yeah I can sort of get them both... But holy crap it's not comfortable nor sexy. I'm really not sure why they've kept that illustration in. In every other review I have read on both versions 1 and 2, the verdict on this particular position has been one of “that just doesn't work!”
Considering the number of ways you can use this toy, it seems weird they've left instructions in for one that really, really doesn't.

Overall, apart from the boob pic and the jaw tickling, this is one amazing toy with some of the most versatile features I've ever come across. I would definitely recommend this to people who are nervous about introducing toys into their bedroom because of the fact it has great uses for both male and female users and also as a couples toy so it could potentially break down those barriers of “vibrators are just for girls”and the common worry men can have of “if she's got a vibrator does that mean I'm not doing it for her” and similar concerns like that.
For those reasons, and all the other awesome ones I've described up there, I give this toy an 8.5 out of ten.
Happy Buzzing, My Friends

G-Balls 2 With App

Normally when I do a toy review I set aside about a fortnight. I first get the toy, and have a hand play with it. You know, feel the material, turn it on, feel the strength of the buzzes (expert tip, test the buzz on the end of your nose. Seriously. It gives you a very good indication of just how powerful or not it will be. The nose tip is far more sensitive than the fingertips). I read through the instructions and features etc, and then I get down to play. I usually have a few different sessions with it to work out all the features and try and get the best and most thorough results that way. It's a process and a system that's always worked for me.
This toy is a bit different, and required a different process, so it took quite a bit longer to test and review.

The G-Balls 2 (with app) is a kegel training ball system that you can use on its own or with an app to help you keep track. The reason I took so long testing and reviewing it is because, well, Rome wasn't built in a day. It would be a bit like me reviewing an all-in-one gym machine, using it for a week or so, and then writing about the (most likely) lack of results. It's not a proper test of its ability and I'm just short changing anyone who wants the actual real deal info.

When it comes to training and strengthening any part of your body it takes time and patience to really see any results. Most kegel ball training advice says it can take anywhere up to twelve weeks to see definite improvement in the muscles, but that is often in extreme cases of muscle weakness like women can experience after giving birth. I have quite a strong pelvic floor to begin with so I was at an advantage coming in to this, but the great thing about these balls is they will work and be useful for anyone at any level.

So first let's get the specs out of the way.
The G-Balls 2 are made of medical grade, body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. They measure 1.2” x 3.2” so they're not too big or scary looking to a first-time user. They are fully rechargeable and 100% waterproof and come with a one year warranty.
They can be used with or without the app (available on smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0) but the app has six training programs as well as a bunch of different “rewards”and badges so it's a great way to mark your progress and get the best out of it that you can.
Before I go into my review I will mention that I have tried a very similar product (The Swan Clutch) and found it to be one of the best kegel exercisers I have ever used, so these balls had quite a bit to live up to insofar as comparing one against the other.

Just like the Clutch, one of the features of these balls is the squeeze to buzz function. Turn them on and squeeze the bottom ball with your fist and you'll the vibration turn on in the top ball. When you release the pressure the vibration stops. When the ball are inserted it is a really great way to gauge how strong your kegels are and how long you can hold them.
There are a number of different ways you can use them. You can set it so it's on a permanent buzz (this is great as a pleasure device), or a buzz-when-squeezed setting (self testing your muscle strength), or you can connect them to the app and follow the programs on that. You can also use the app programs in an off-line setting but I'll get to that in a minute.
The app is super easy to set up. Make sure the balls are fully charged (the little LED light will turn on when charging and off when full), turn on your Bluetooth, find the “Magic Kegel” app in the Apple Store or Google Play and follow the instructions.

The app asks you a few questions to narrow down what sort of program would be best for you. It even asks your gender, because men have pelvic floor muscles too and these can work to help strengthen them too (benefits include helping bladder control after prostate surgery and helping to increase libido and orgasm strength among other things) It is a fairly simple questionnaire about what you want to get out of it, for example is this a sex thing? Or maybe you've just had a baby, or are preparing for the birth? It then suggests which program would be best for you. Each program has levels ranging from beginner to expert.
Because they aren't too big insertion is easy, especially with a bit of water-based lube. Pop them in, make sure the string (which is the receiver for the Bluetooth) is outside of your body. It's best to be lying on your back with your knees up and slightly apart, this is for ease of insertion and also the best position to be in to really get a good squeeze going.

The app has a cute, perky girl voice to talk you through the exercises (it may be a guy's voice for the men's setting. I'm not sure.). I will say that after a few goes the perky voice irritated me a bit. But that could just be me. She tells you when to squeeze and when to rest, and there's a count thing you can follow too. But I have to say the best thing is the bird. So the harder you squeeze, the higher your little bird flies. I started not listening to the girl's voice and just started squeezing and trying to keep my bird in the air. It's not easy. Even when you're squeezing suer super hard. I actually wonder if the sensor is a little off, because when I removed it and squeezed in my hand the bird jumped, but when inserted and squeezing my hardest sometimes it didn't even appear on the screen. And I know it's not because my muscles are bad. I found if I lay really still and had the bottom ball kind of not completely inserted, it worked well. So I dunno, maybe it's my vag, but I found that frustrating. And exhausting! (I took it out at one stage an popped in the clutch, and that one worked fine with my squeezing... So I don't know).

The other thing I found frustrating was the device kept getting disconnected and then would randomly connect again while I was trying to figure it out. I thought at first it was a reception thing, having to have your phone right near the device to get it to work, but then I decided to test it walking around the house and it stayed connected for about ten minutes before cutting out and back again. I even decided to try it walking around the local mall but that completely didn't work and I thought I'd look funny if I kept waving my phone in front of my crotch just to get a connection.

With every program level you complete, you are rewarded with beans and badges. The beans you plant and grow and the badges help monitor your progress. I have to be really honest here, once I had got the hang of the exercises I wasn't all that fussed about the rewards. It was really complicated to work it all it and what to do to get what badge and, well, it's not Mario Kart. I should also point out that I am not particularly technically minded so it really could just be me, but I found bits of the app super confusing and the programs and badges etc just a bit naff. It certainly was helpful in the beginning to get an idea of the exercises, but all the extra stuff wasn't too exciting nor necessary for me. There are the options of different buzz settings and the more you play the more functions become available, so for a pleasure thing that's pretty cool. And it also a menstrual calendar which is brilliant for keeping track of your cycle.

The main problems I have with this device is the app. It just seems too glitchy and temperamental. At one stage it would not even pair with my toy. I sought some advice from a techie person and they suggested uninstalling the app and starting over. I did this and it worked... But I lost all my beans, all my badges and rewards and had to reset the menstrual calendar. It just seemed like a lot of work for something that should essentially be fun and easy and out of the way after five or ten minutes a day.

Now let me talk about the offline mode. So from what I can understand and have read about, the offline setting allows you to do the programs without being connected to the app. I really don't know how this works and for the first few times I tried it, it didn't seem to connect at all. Then, after I did the whole resetting thing it did and I had the first exercise program running constantly, and to be perfectly honest I could not (still cannot) figure out how to turn it off. It's still on offline mode now. Three days later. The app keeps freezing on me, and the touchscreen bit that you're supposed to click to take it back to online mode won't work. I think I'm going to have to uninstall it again.
But I probably won't.

All in all, even with the issues, I actually like this toy. I like what it does, what it's for and what it's trying to do. I just think if you're going to have something connected to an app, you need to really really be sure the app makes things easier, not harder.
I've talked to a few people who own this toy and they have all enjoyed it. They have all cited glitches with the app, but no-one seems to have had the full on frustrations that I did, so this could very well me a “me” thing. I really am bad at technology. Really. Phones die on me, computers explode, even automatic doors don't open for me (most likely cos I'm a short-arse) so I really don't want to make too many grand statements about the app, just in case it IS just me. But these are my experiences so I will leave it up to you to decide. I will also say that I sent the guys at Fun Toys a tweet asking about the Bluetooth when it first went weird, and they came back to me straight away and offered assistance both on twitter and email, so that was awesome customer service and I rate that really highly (have edited out email address for privacy).

I will also say that my kegels are even stronger than they were at the start of this journey. I would put that down to the regularity in which they suggest you exercise, the fun of the buzzing (and the frustration of the NOT buzzing which makes you squeeze even harder and, although is probably an error in the sensor, definitely helped my strength!) and that, in turn, keeps you going back. Even the app, before it decided to be a pain, was fun for a while and got me on the right track.

I will give these balls a 6 out of 10. If the app was a bit easier to understand and user friendly for a techno-dimwit like me, I would probably have given it an 8.

Happy Buzzing, My Friends!

Nu Sensuelle Point Bullet

Okay, girls. Are you looking for a small, clitoral vibe that has power and functions beyond your wildest imagination?

Do you want it sleek and smooth? Whisper quiet? Super easy to clean and store? Rechargeable and with a super long life? Want warranties and assurances? And all for under $100.00?

Of course you do! So, let me introduce you to one of the best and most powerful toys I have ever come across which has all these features and more and, considering how many toys I get to test and play with every month, that's a pretty big call.

The Nu Sensuelle Point (by S.Wet) is this toy; Small and compact enough to carry around in your handbag, powerful enough to elicit the most intense orgasms and sensations and so quiet sometimes the only way you know it's on is cos there's a little light on the bottom and, when you turn it on in your palm it rolls around like a crazy thing!

I seriously love this toy. Not only does it have three ridiculously strong vibration levels, it also has an extra 17 (yes, you read correctly SEVENTEEN) pulse settings. All up, that makes this a twenty function toy which is just crazy!

It is fully rechargeable and has a cute little stand to sit in while it recharges. The flashing red light will let you know when it's charging and then turns green and solid when it's fully charged. It only takes an hour or so to charge up from being fully dead and then lasts for bloody ages! I have had this toy for a few months now and it gets used fairly regularly and I have only had to charge it a couple of times.

The best toy to compare it to would be (another favourite of mine) the We-Vibe Salsa. It's about the same size and shape but has a more matte finish than a shiny one, and is also about five times more powerful on its highest settings.

Because of its small size it doesn't get in the way of stuff if you want to use it as an accompaniment to sex and, because of its super powerful buzzes, it can also be felt by your partner when you use it while fucking.

The only things I would say could be improved on this toy are that it isn't fully waterproof so you can't take it into the bath with you (although it's water resistant so you can take it into the shower if you're careful), and it doesn't have a “pulse memory” so, if you find a favourite setting, you have to push through them all to get to it every time you turn it on and, if you accidentally skip past it while pushing through, you have to go through the whole lot again.

One more improvement that could possibly be made is that the silicone material it is made out of is pretty hard. These guys also do a twenty function, rechargeable buttplug and I think the softer silicone they use on that one would be a good alternative for people who prefer their toys a little less rigid.

But really, these are minor points compared to the stuff I really love about this toy. It has taken pride of place in my top bedside drawer and just a quick spray and wipe with a good toy cleaner is all you need to do to keep it clean and hygienic.

I have quite a few more of this brand to review so stay tuned! So far I haven't come across a bad one!

I give the Nu Sensuelle Point a 9/10 and highly recommend it to all you clit-buzzing, bullet-loving girls out there!

Until next time,

Happy buzzing, my friends!


We-Vibe 4 Plus

If you haven't already figured it out, I love We-Vibes. Seriously. Every single We-Vibe product I have ever tried has, at one time or another, found pride of place in my top bedroom drawer. There was the We-Vibe 2 and then the We-Vibe 3 . I also had the pleasure of trialling their first solo play toy, the We-Vibe Thrill and, most recently, the We-Vibe 4. I also have in the wings (coming very soon) reviews of the We-Vibe Salsa, Tango and Touch which, like the Thrill, are solo toys... But the best, and probably the most exciting new version of the world's most favourite couple's toy is the We-Vibe 4+.

To look at it it really isn't all that different to the We-Vibe 4. Same great, compact “c” shape, same matte silicone finish, same wireless charging capabilities, and the two motors on either end have the same awesome vibration and pulse settings (there are three speeds and five different rhythms programmed in, but keep reading to see what else it does). It's fully waterproof (although the remote is not), super easy to clean with a good toy cleaner and so quiet you wouldn't even know it was on if it's not touching you.

So, what's actually different about this toy that has the world (and me) in a bit of a spin?
Firstly, and this is completely aesthetic but cool to me, is that as well as the pink and purple colours of the We-Vibe 4, the Plus also comes in a cool gun-metal grey/black/blue (it's sort of a combination of all three) colour. 

And secondly, and most importantly, this toy comes with an app for your smart phone (bluetooth must be enabled to synch it)
Thanks Eva, we love your work! - The team at Vibrant Vibes