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Synergy Magazine is an adult trade only journal designed for adult pleasure product personnel to keep them abreast of industry news, issues, and new and existing products and brands.

Synergy prints 5 issues per year and is freely available to all qualifying Adult retail outlets, ecommerce, mail order, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, adult industry trade groups, owners, managers and staff in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, part China, Greater Asia plus USA and Europe.

Synergy contains a blend of informative editorial trade news, international and domestic trade show reviews, industry personnel features, personal profiles, company and/or brand case studies, store buyers guide, top selling items, trade calendar, domestic supplier directory, coverage of industry events and quality advertising.

All of the following reviews are courtesy of Synergy Magazine

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration


From a visual perspective you can instantly see the appeal of the Pro Plus Vibration, one of Satisfyer’s biggest sellers. It nails the contemporary rose-gold trend of the last couple of years, whilst the cream lends a vintage air to it.

Furthermore, for people who are not attracted to penises, the appearance of the Pro Plus Vibration – and indeed of the rest of the Satisfyer range – offers a welcome break from classic vibrators and dildos, putting a stylish spin on oral sex toys. Indeed, the Pro Plus Vibration (hitherto known as PPV) is a great gift for any sex toy collector whose whoredrobe could do with a bit of a refresh.

Featuring ‘air pulse technology plus vibration’, the Satisfyer PPV is a clitoral stimulator that relies on suction to work well, which is assumedly why it’s designed to cover a relatively wide area with its a generous nozzle. This means the PPV is wonderfully inclusive with regards to larger women and the trans community, and that it can suck the nipples of anyone with ease. Excellent!

Although the PPV has eleven ‘pressure wave’ settings, the sensation is so intense you’d be hard-pressed to get past the first two – and that’s without adding in any one of the ten vibration settings. No messing around with this combination, it goes straight to the point – in every sense. This makes Satisfyer’s PPV perfect for people who struggle with reaching orgasm due to medication (such as anti-depressants or the contraceptive pill).

For, unlike the now ubiquitous mains-powered Wand, with the Satisfyer PPV there’s no numbing involved: it sucks the clitoris rather than hammering it into submission. This means that with the PPV you can play longer and orgasm multiple times, whereas with a Wand you run the risk of your entire genital area feeling like it’s just escaped a session of pneumatic drilling.

The PPV is large yet lightweight, making it easy to hold even for people who find gripping objects a challenge. You can clench it between your thighs or use it in the bath because – joy! – the PPV is fully waterproof (so, also easy peasy to clean). Unfortunately, it’s a bit too bulky and cumbersome for use during sex with a partner, and since it can be noisy away from the body, we would suggest you add lashings of lube before applying the PPV to your chosen area, only turning it on when it’s nestled neatly in place.

Gjack2 – Gvibe

I absolutely adore this Gjack2. From the moment it arrived in the lovely cylindrical case with the exquisite artwork, to unpacking the ultra-soft vibe with its pure white satin pouch, vibrant red charge cable and adorable visual instructions, it just has class oozing all over.

Visually stimulating, this 24cm slimline vibrator in the coolest of cool, tiffany mint hue tone and contrasting silver chrome accents would be equally at home on a marble coffee table or the swankiest of night clubs amongst titanium smart phones and crystal glass ware.

Intuitive ergonomics make this toy a dream to use. Three push buttons that alight upon usage. The Plus button controls the 10 vibration strengths stepping upward, the Minus button decreases the vibration strength and the Mode button alternates between the 6 various undulations. Simples.

The unit is well balanced during usage and designed clearly and/or with design input by females as this unit hits all the right buttons. The controls are easily adjusted during usage, slightly raised and with tactile indentations allowing identification by touch (not just by sight).

Strength wise I was more than happy with the Gjack2. It is not the most silent of vibrators but there is no noisy high pitched wasp irritation just a reassuring hum of electric motors doing what they should be doing under a thick silicone casing.

I love the soft bioskin material, it is ultra-soft and slightly squishy to touch with the ribbed undulations provided added stimulation and appeal. Girth wise, the 4cm diameter is adequate and the provided USB magnetic cable which has enough magnentic strength to not fall off, makes charging a breeze.

Run time is 4 hours according to the manufacturer, comes with a travel lock and don’t forget 100% waterproof for downtime in the bath and easy clean up.

I’m loving the attention to detail in the manufacturing and products by Gvibe and think this company is possibly underrated, they are producing world class toys and I cant wait to get hold of some of their other items.



Gvibe 2 – Gvibe

It’s always gratifying to receive an item that stands out from the usual deliveries, and I was pleased when the G-Vibe 2 arrived in an oval cardboard box featuring a gorgeous illustration of an orchid-cum internal/ external clitoris perched on a weather vane.

Shaped like its predecessor, the G Vibe 2 sports two shafts like a tuning fork, splaying out slightly like palm leaves. I’d reviewed similarly shaped toys before but that was years ago and I was intrigued to see how technology had developed.

Regarding materials, manufacturers FT London LLP have improved the surface of the silicone since their first G-Vibe, rendering #2 toy smoother and its two prongs more flexible. The newer G-Vibe has 3 motors, is also waterproof and comes with a silky drawstring storage bag.

The G-Vibe 2 charged easily thanks to its magnetic connection to the cable, with lights flashing until the battery was fully charged. In terms of unwanted noise, when it was fired up #2 made a discreet purr, so you’d have no issues using it in a shared house – hallelujah!

Hints and tips on what to expect from the toy were detailed in its comprehensive book of instructions, including explicit penciled sketches by erotic artist Elena Mirosedina, which again were an excellent original touch. Nice work FT!

If it seemed unusual for an adult item to be so thorough in its sexplaining, it’s because the G-Vibe 2 is marketed as a couple’s toy as well as for solo female play. As the instructional images testify, amongst other applications it can be used to simultaneously to fill the vagina and anus; to stimulate the prostate and tickle the balls at the same time, and rather ambitiously to penetrate two scissoring women at once: tricky!

Speaking of tricky, the G-Vibe 2 wasn’t the easiest for direct clitoral stimulation, as pressing the toy harder against the body meant the prong tips simply stopped their light, titillating flutter. If gentle application were your thing, then you’d be fine with this.

So, despite containing three motors, two in the tips and one in the lower trunk, the vibrations from the G-Vibe 2 aren’t particularly fierce. However, its variety of uses more than makes up for this. Additionally, amongst a myriad of Rabbits and Wands, butt plugs and bondage gear, it’s refreshing to have something a bit different to add to the collection. The G-Vibe 2: For the woman (or couple!) who have everything.


Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

Just like its stablemates, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit comes in a smart white cardboard box: its very appearance imbuing the essence of a glossy fashion magazine. It’s immediately apparent this toy is marketed to the aspirational Cosmo, Marie Claire and Grazia readers among us – and at first glance it succeeds!

Inside, a thick manual testifies to the brand’s impact on the international market: instructions in the usual English, German, French, Italian and Spanish vie for space alongside Portuguese, Greek and Russian and Chinese. Clearly Satisfyer is seeking global domination, and given the now almost legendary popularity of the Rabbit it makes sense to develop a newer Pro version all of their own.

In smart white silicone, the Statisfyer Pro rabbit feels really good in the hand: the shaft is heavy, thick, and classically curved, the vibrations are strong and er, satisfying: so far, so good – top notch, in fact. Meanwhile, what might be normally shaped as cute little ears in your generic Rabbit model, here the Satisfyer Pro’s clitoral stimulator features a circular suction design. Intended to act as a vacuum in order to seal itself onto the clitoral area and impart a lovely licking sensation, as its internal motor sucks merrily away it certainly makes cute lapping sounds.

However, the thing about Rabbits is that they’re completely reliant on your body shape. The difficulty with the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is that it’s not simply about getting its cute ear shapes close enough to your clitoris whilst simultaneously inserting the shaft vaginally (a challenging conundrum at the best of times). The thing about the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is that it has to fit properly internally AND externally to provide a vacuum around the clitoris, otherwise only the G-Spot vibrations will hit the mark.

So, its dependent on you and what suits you best, but you wont know unless you try!


Eva – Dame Products

Dame Products are the cool kids of the sex toy industry right now, and in the last issue, I got the pleasure of trying out their newest vibrator, Fin, which is designed to sit comfortably between the user’s fingers. After this, I was eager to try out their first product, which was what originally launched them head-first into the word of sex toys. I am, of course, talking about the Eva. While it may just seem like another small hands-free clitoral vibe, the Eva first launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo to a resounding success, with over 8,000 backers and raising almost a million dollars. Clearly Dame were on to something, and everyone wanted it.

The Eva is possibly the cutest sex toy ever. Its tiny body features a large button which looks kind of like an eye, and this combined with its arms work to make it look like an adorable character straight out of a Pixar film. It also doesn’t look at all like a sex toy, which I think has greatly helped its appeal to a far wider audience than usual. In the same vein as the Fin, it has a sleek minimal design made with a buttery feeling body-safe silicone.
Similar to the Fin, the Eva is USB rechargeable and features three different, steady speeds of vibration that can be accessed by clicking the button on top. I found the motor to be fairly weak and a little buzzy. Those that are new to sex toys will likely find this fine, but for power lovers or more experienced users you may feel let down in this regard. The unit is water resistant rather than fully waterproof, and while it claims to be ‘whisper quiet’, I found this one quite loud.

The Eva is designed to be hands-free, and it does this by wrapping its little arms around the vulva lips in order to stimulate the clitoris without needing to be held in place. This can be a little tricky to set up but once in place it works a charm. It particularly works well during sex with others, as it allows you to concentrate fully on your partner rather than your sex toy.

Overall, the Eva excels at being a hands-free vibrator that can stay in place during masturbation or sex. More experienced users may find it lacking in power, but ultimately it was designed for people who don’t often use vibrators, and I am not surprised that it has done fantastically well in that regard. With now two successful toys under their belt I look forward to seeing Dame Product’s next innovations.


MIMIC – Clandestine Devices

Clandestine Devices recently released their first product, the MIMIC, and its unique shape is like nothing else I own. Based on a mantra-ray, this quirky design immediately stands out amongst the usual standard shapes that dominant the sex toy market. I love the idea of it, as it has been designed so that the motor may be placed over the clitoris for broad stimulation, whilst its ‘wings’ also stimulate the surrounding labia. Alternatively, if broad stimulation isn’t your thing, you can just place the tip of its ‘head’ on your clit for some pin point bliss. This dual use isn’t something I see nearly enough of in sex toys.

My initial thoughts when I first saw the MIMIC online was how much fun and laid-back it looked for a sex toy, and my impression only improved when I first got to see it in person. They’ve used a silky smooth type of body-safe silicone, and its ‘wings’ and ‘head’ are soft and flexible. The colours they’ve picked out for it are beautiful too, with a pale lilac, sea-foam turquoise, and black, for if you’re after something more neutral. The packaging is also fantastic, it has a modern and stylish look to it, that I can imagine would stand out on the shelves of most sex toy stores.

It comes with the usual luxury toy additions, such as being fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, and travel lockable. For use it has three easy-press buttons which allow you to access its eight vibration patterns, and increase or decrease the strength of these. Being able to adjust the strengths of patterns is a feature missing from most toys, so this was a nice touch. The clear plastic area of the toy also lights up when in use, which is extremely helpful when I want to use the toy at night.

The vibrations themselves are fairly buzzy, so if you need something deep and rumbly, this may not be for you. I also find the ‘wings’ of the toy do not transfer the vibrations as well as I had hoped they would. Overall though I do enjoy using this toy for both broad stimulation and pin point. Both techniques offer pleasant stimulation, and even though I do prefer my vibes to be more on the rumbly side, I can still orgasm fairly easily with MIMIC.

Clandestine Device’s have developed an interesting concept with a lot of potential. I feel that the vibrations could be stronger, but overall it is a great product, perfect for gifting, luxurious and very feminine.


Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The promise of orgasm within a single minute was a tantalizing offer, how could I resist? The Satisfyer Penguin sits at a lower price point than the Pro 2 and has a completely different grip. The Penguin comes in an attractive bright pink with a lovely soft touch surface.

The pink body of the Penguin sits naturally in a cupped hand. The design and upward pointing nozzle are among the cuter toys I’ve come across. The velvety ABS plastic and soft silicone nozzle get the body safe tick of approval. With magnetic charging and waterproofing it’s a breeze to charge and clean. Don’t let the sweet appearance of the Penguin beguile you though, it still packs a lot of sensation into its small body.

The on/off button is simple to find, with the intensity button perfectly placed for easy use. With a single button, you scroll up 11 intensity settings and scroll back down to a gentle hum. It’s easy to forget that you’re at 11 and accidentally go back down a notch while looking for more power. I may have done this a few times.

My clitoris is on the large side, which made using the Penguin a challenge. Encasing my entire clitoris and hood within the soft silicone was near impossible, and I often had to rearrange to ensure sensation was maximized. The orgasms I managed to wrench out were incredible, the claims of increased blood flow to the area hold true. I took the Penguin into a shower with me, and highly recommend trying it out under water. Even noise is minimal once the Penguin is fixed in place. Pro tip: a dollop of water-based lube noticeably improves the seal. However, at no point was I able to orgasm in under a minute. I had to give up more than once, Satisfyer aren’t kidding when they advise against use for more than 15 minutes: hypersensitivity and over engorged blood vessels may result in discomfort.
Like all toys, enjoying the Penguin comes down to body and preference. Those with average-small clits who prefer direct stimulation will likely love it. The sensations are truly unique amongst a sea of vibrators. Despite personal setbacks, the Penguin will be staying by my bedside.

A review by Emilia for Synergy Magazine


Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer have received a lot of press and awareness in a short time and I was very curious to try this new suction/vacuum based toy, especially with the claims of ‘Best Toy Ever’, ‘Fastest Orgasm’ etc.

Suction based technology, like the well know Womanizer devices, means these toys use an air chamber to actually provide a pulsing, sucking sensation, as opposed to the more common rotating weights, which spin around inside a hollow tube of sorts to create vibrations of various magnitudes.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 sits well in the hand, its smooth sleek ABS surfaces and size match its weight and it has an overall sense of balance and proportion and I don’t mind the bronze/gold colour either. I can easily reach and understand all (2) buttons which either turn it on/off or increase and decrease the sucking intensity. The soft, silicone head provides a wonderfully different, almost soft snug sensation whilst the direct, yet soft, pulsing, sucking sensation is mind blowingly awesome and I cannot understand why this hasn’t been developed earlier.

I could understand that the sensation could be (too) direct for some folks but the Satisfyer Pro 2 has 11 levels of intensity and with some playtime it really becomes a fast favourite. The magnetic USB charge cable is easy and effective to use with the manufacturer stating that a 2.5-hour charge will give you approximately 30 minutes of playtime. The device is also 100% waterproof, allowing wonderful bath time activity and making it fast and simple to clean.

There is a slight noise when turned on but this soon disappears when in action and the pressure waves are pulsating on the designated area. I thoroughly recommend this toy and this technology, it ticks all the boxes and has a great price point to match!

Reviewed by Jennifer for Synergy Magazine