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Clandestine Devices - MIMIC+ Plus Massager

Clandestine Devices

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Clandestine Devices - MIMIC+ Plus Massager
Clandestine Devices - MIMIC+ Plus Massager

Clandestine Devices - MIMIC+ Massager

The response to our MIMIC has been overwhelmingly positive with retailers and consumers alike, however, there was no question that some sex-toy-seekers wanted more power! So, we decided to answer their pleas with the MIMIC + PLUS. 

Overall, the MIMIC + PLUS is not vastly different from the MIMIC, but we did make some changes. First of all - it's insanely powerful. For folks like me, and our sales indicate there's plenty of you out there, the MIMIC + PLUS may be too strong for you at first... but for everyone else, we think you'll be quite pleased! The MIMIC + PLUS is also about 10% larger than the MIMIC, due to that new motor and battery. We decided to introduce the MIMIC + PLUS in two entirely different colors from our original trio, so the PLUS will be available in Magenta and Stealth Grey, the latter of which is getting a lot of positive attention. We dimmed the LED Beacon by about 50% and the charging connection is now magnetic. We also may have scaled up on the size of the PLUS but the box is quite slim and sleek, meaning it will fit in your bedside drawer a lot easier!

But for those of you wondering, the shape is basically the same. There's some more weight to the PLUS and it couldn't remain exactly as compact as it's popular predecessor, but we scaled up only as much as we needed to. 

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