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Fun Toys London - Gplug Small

Fun Toys London

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Fun Toys London - Gplug Small
Fun Toys London - Gplug Small

Fun Toys London - Gplug Small

Gplug Small is one of the smallest rechargeable butt plugs on the market!

It has a diameter of 3 cm (1.1 in) and this makes it a very attractive selling size for anal toys.

Gplug also comes in Large size 3.9 cm (1.54 in).

Specially developed for extra pleasure seekers.

The rechargeable plug was presented by FunToys in 2013 at Erofame show and at the time there were no similar products on the market.


Ergonomic design, fancy colour.
Powerful yet quiet motor.
Six vibration modes with changeable intensity – from light tremors to intense vibration.
Intuitive controls.
Made of premium‑class hypoallergenic silicone. Silky and smooth.
100% waterproof.
Up to 4 hours operation on one charge of battery.
Magnetic charger. Please note initial charging time is 2 hours.
Size: Small plug 3cm (1.1in), Large plug size 3.9cm (1.54in).
1‑Year Warranty.
Travel lock (press ON and hold for two seconds).
User Guide
Using Gplug without remote control

Press the button at the bottom of the Gplug to turn on the toy.
Press button again to change the vibration mode. There are 6
vibration modes:


To turn off the Gplug you will have to go through allvibration modes until it stops vibrating.
Here is how it looks like: Press one time and this will set mode #1. Press one more time and
then you will be at mode #2, then by pressing again and again you will go through mode 3,
mode 4, mode 5, mode 6 and then you will reach the OFF mode.

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