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Creature Cocks King Cobra Silicone Dildo

Creature Cocks King Cobra Silicone Dildo

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Uncoil the mysteries of this sensual serpent while exploring new sensations of pleasure! As it slithers into your den, the tapered tip of its head makes insertion easier while the unusual shape of its body and texture of the scales add stimulation you've never had before! The curve of its neck presses against your most sensitive spots as it moves inside. The red and black snake is girthy and long with a firm yet flexible body. Made out of smooth and slightly tacky premium silicone, it is phthalate-free and body-safe to use with water-based lubricants. Enjoy riding it hands-free when you press the strong, suction-cup base against any flat surface! Combine it with a strap-on harness of your choice for partner play! Whether for fantasy roleplay, kinky Cosplay or just to experience something new, this Creature Cocks dildo is the perfect addition to your toy collection! You can even put it on a shelf and it will look like nothing more than a toy snake. No one else has to know how you play with it. After use, make sure to wash it with warm water and mild soap, then spray it with a toy cleaner and let it air dry.

There's always been something erotic about the way the serpent moves. Its slithering body moved by countless muscles, winding and sliding along the earth have been mimicked by belly dancers and performers across the world. Countless stories have been told of serpent gods and of the rising Tantric energy of the serpent awakening the mysteries of the unconscious and unknown. So when a magical snake appeared to you in the middle of the night on a trip to Southeast Asia, poised and equally dangerous and inviting, it's no surprise that you felt both alarmed and aroused. There was something about this creature, something otherworldly in its ethereal gaze. It knew your deepest desires and fantasies. As it slides toward you, your breathing becomes deeper, your body gets hot, and you cannot look away. The serpent has you in its sights and meets your gaze. You begin to sweat, the droplets running down your neck, your chest, your thighs. It was so hot you didn't wear anything to bed, and now you are naked and vulnerable in front of a mythical creature. Yes, this is no ordinary snake. As it slides between your thighs, you feel energy run through your body, up your spine, and even your fingers tingle. Then it slides inside you and what follows next, there are no words to describe…

Measurements: Overall length: 21.4 cm. Insertable length: 18.3 cm. Narrowest insertable diameter: 3.3 cm. Widest insertable diameter: 4.6 cm.

Materials: Silicone

Colour: Red, Black

Key Features:
- Fantasy Dildo: Uncoil the mysteries of this serpent dildo! With a tapered head for easy insertion, a curved neck to stimulate your curved inner depths, and a girthy, textured neck of scales, you'll fall in love with this sensational snake!
- Suction Cup Base: Enjoy the wide, suction cup base of this dildo. Simply press firmly on any flat surface and enjoy riding it hands-free!
- Harness Compatible: The wide, flanged base is compatible with most strap-on harnesses so you or a partner can wear the dildo and bring the fantasy fully to life!
- Premium Silicone: Made of body-safe, phthalate-free, premium silicone.

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