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Alien Nation - Cerberus

Alien Nation - Cerberus

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The AlienNation Story: After Earth was struck by a ten-mile wide asteroid, a sixth mass extinction event occurred, ending human civilisation as we know it. What life remained would be impacted as never before...for carried inside the meteor’s core was a primordial, regenerative being, a billion years old, known as Primus.
And soon Primus would change everything, into nothing ever seen: from beasts to buildings, from the fly to the sky, an Alien Nation was born.

The “Cerberus'' Story: Loyal to the end, the wolfen Cerberus guarded his master Primus, granting spirits an audience…if not an exit. His lion claws, serpent’s tail, and imposing mane of snakes struck a fierce presence in this new world of peril. And his shiny red manhood with a knot at the bottom, and a pearlescent swirl throughout its crimson colouring, stood out as a reminder of Cerberus' primacy in the kingdom of Primus!

- Popular Wolfen Style: Remaining one of the most popular of the “creature” style dildos, the wolfen Cerberus enhances the look with a pearlescent swirl throughout its bright crimson colouring. The familiar knot that adds a canine kink is right there at the base, as is the wide black suction cup that anchors this piece so well to any smooth surface.
- Extra-Strong Suction Base: Cerberus has an extra wide, soft suction base, with more than enough strength for your wildest hands-free rides!
- Harness Compatible: As with all AlienNation pieces, the suction cup is wide enough for most harnesses, so bring your creature fantasies to life with a partner!
- 100% Body-Safe Silicone: We use only the finest phthalate-free, premium silicone known to toys.
- Easy to Lubricate, Easy to Clean: Its texture ensures your water-based lube stays where you put it; and warm water and soap is all it takes to clean.

- Overall Length: 20.3 cm (8'')
- Insertable Length: 19 cm (7.5”)
- Narrowest Insertable Diameter: 3.8 cm (1.5”)
- Widest Insertable Diameter: 5.1 cm (2”)
- Weight: 386 grams
- Materials: Silicone
- Colour: Pearlescent Red and Jet Black

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