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Adel Onahole 1 Pussy and Ass

Adel Onahole 1 Pussy and Ass

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Ultra realistic, original 1:1 size replica of Adeles vagina and anus from the front. Vaginal and anal penetration missionary style.

Highest quality, researched, photographed, internal and external 3D analysed moulded replica of the original - you will not be disappointed.

The tight internal walls replicate a virgin in her 20s, offering elasticity and soft absorbtive properties.

Complete will all original labia, clitoris and internal double embossed nodules and nodes to replicate her G-Spot, A-Spot and P -Spot erogenous zones. Even the anus features a tighter structure than the vagina to replicate Adeles structure.

Ultra realistic TPE material, easy to clean, best on market.

After use, run warm water thru each tunnel (small water hole at end to allow flow thru), then use cold setting on hair dryer to dry the inside of each tunnel.

34cm long x 24cm wide x 16.5cm high.


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